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2016, 2017



The annual Urban Culture Festival is a large music and extreme sports event held in St Petersburg. Aside from local hip-hop and electronic music, it covers a wide range of music genres, art forms and activities, the key ones being skateboarding and BMX contests, street art zones, custom cars and bikes exhibitions and street dance shows.

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During the two years that the festival exists, we have been abidingly working on its image and online presence. This includes the full video production cycle, graphic design, web development, PR and social media content making. The most challenging part of this project is how different the two iterations were, with their organisers having completely different mindsets and goals that we were helping them achieve.

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Promo video '16


In its first iteration in 2016, the festival took place in Street Art Museum in St Petersburg and was visited by approx. 3500 people. This was considered a significant success for the local scene, and the brand was bought out by a major event management company Exponenta LLC.

In 2017, the festival was held in two major Russian cities – Moscow and St Petersburg. The program was expanded to two days for each city, attracting 15000 visitors in total.


Valentine Zubkov - Management

Philipp Khan - Production

Egor Zimin - Design

Evgeniy Olonov - Web

Sofia Kuchumova - PR Communications

Anastasia Nikolaeva - Logo Design

Valeria Odarchuk - SMM Content

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Promo video '17

Promo video '16