Art of designing the value

by Egor Zimin


Method of systematised thinking is a natural human routine activity. It makes every day life of people more easy in the meaning of transformation chaotic processes into the understandable systems. People permanently use and create different triggers and messages to simplify interaction between each other, but this process makes their experience more unique and personal at the same time. But as long as people pay attention to the any kind of abstract subject, as detailed and complicated it becomes. On the one side it makes things more difficult to realise, but on the other side it provides more variations of evolving the subject and gives complex understanding about how the whole system is working.


Intending to make a honest products, artists design artpieces close to their vision, even in case of making a chaotic form, as well as designers attend to make authentic image for the subject, product or brand. It is the only one way of creation the solid live image. If this image works with basic aesthetic definitions of consumers, it motivates them to be involved into the brand story deeper than just in case of perception the separated parts of product representation. The most authentic and unified stories let more people take the main roles in them. As well as good art doesn’t exist without observer, good product doesn’t exist without consumer. In this case successful brand is able to be measured by quantity and quality of involved audience. Depending on ways of production, this image power grows naturally or becomes stable.

Design value

Today users react faster and new brands are being produced permanently, so feedback between design and observer becomes more short and active. Considering these communication environments, we use visual code like a medium between the product and consumer. We believe that value of any brand can be raised up by forcing the product image. That is why concept of feedback inside the perception is a powerful instrument of product evolution.

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