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Pad Stylist is an online platform built to connect homeowners to professional interior designers. Pad Stylist’s matching system automatically finds a suitable designer for any space needing to be redecorated and the integrated collaboration platform covers all the communication between the two parties.




Drawing from our experience in interior design management, we conducted a thorough research on the market and engaged some major case studies which helped us come up with detailed user experience stories for different user groups – homeowners, designers and service administrators.

Matching system

One important feature that sets Pad Stylist apart from the competition is its matching system. Every member designer is assigned a style-specific label and every homeowner is encouraged to complete a style quiz connecting their personal preferences to one of those labels. The system then automatically sorts available candidates and assigns the most suitable one to the project.

Project Manager

Pad Stylist’s project database is arranged in such a way to make project managing as convenient as possible for both users and administrators. Every user is able to navigate through their current and finished projects via specifically designed dashboards, and the administration panel with automatic filtering system provides full access to every project in the system with no complexity or bulkiness that similar platforms usually imply.

Collaboration platform

When it comes to both aesthetically and functionally outstanding design, there is no doubt that communication is key. Pad Stylist’s collaboration platform is built to aid every step of user communication, helping homeowners translate their ideas and preferences more clearly and allowing designers to focus on creative process rather than presenting their work.

Welcome home

After a project is completed, it is automatically packaged and presented as a portfolio item attached to the profile of the designer who worked on it. Meanwhile, the client takes home all the necessary plans and draughts as well as automatically formed shopping list, so the actual renovating happens with no hassle for either side.


Egor Zimin – Research, experience & interface design

Valentine Zubkov – Research, project management

Philipp Khan – Testing, analitics

Anastasia Neshtenko – Project management

Alexey Neshtenko – Front-end development

Andrii Diriavka – Back-end development

Ivan Kolomiiets – Back-end development

Vadim Zaporozhets – Front-end development

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