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Gamma festival is a large-scale urban event focusing on electronic music and contemporary art. It established itself as one of the most exciting and forward-thinking Russian music festivals in 2016, hosting dozens of internationally-acclaimed acts at its unique seaside location. The festival’s second edition in 2017 has taken a more industrial route and moved to an even bigger venue – an 18th century abandoned brewery. During the three days that the festival lasted, across its two buildings and six stages, one could witness a unique mixture of 85 modern musicians and artists from 15 countries, covering all kinds of modern adventurous music from dark industrial techno to ambient and neoclassicism, as well as numerous media installations, art objects and AV shows.




M Division


2016, 2017



Gamma  teaser '17

Mystery teaser '17

The team behind Gamma Festival – a long-established promo group m_division, known for their progressive events that introduce the most neoteric art to the local audience. During our long lasting partnership, we were involved in a number of collaborative activities, primarily focusing on video production and audiovisual content in general. Our most frequently picked format is a short festival teaser, with which we always try to capture the particular atmosphere that is clearly manifested and unique to every new event.

Gamma teaser '16

Beta teaser '16


Valentine Zubkov – Management

Philipp Khan – Production

Egor Zimin – Design

Alexander Guschin – Filming

Andrey Knyazik – Advertising

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