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Geek Picnic is an open air festival focusing on popular science, art and technology. Since its first edition that took place in 2011, the festival has grown to an extended programme in St Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar and Jerusalem, hosting internationally renowned acts like MythBusters’ Jamie Hyneman and Richard Dawkins. In 2016, Geek Picnic attracted more than 60000 visitors in total, granting it the status of the largest science and technology festival in Europe.

2016, 2017



Promo video '17

Cinema AD '17


We began working on Geek Picnic’s online presence 5 months before the festival’s 2017 edition, starting with web development and then moving on to video promotion. We put together a brand new website that provided guests with all kinds of information about the festival, including timelines and parallel activities. One of the most challenging parts of website development was to make it possible for the organisers to expand it to multiple locations and languages as the festival was going global. When the website was up and running, we switched to working on the full production pack which covered a teaser for social media, TV ads, cinema pre-rolls and other common formats.

Website '17


Valentine Zubkov - Management

Philipp Khan - Production

Egor Zimin - Design, Research

Artur Amirkhanov - Web Development

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